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TPHP Anchor

The School aims for high academic standards and encourages every child’s enthusiasm for learning, good manners, self-discipline and a determination to do their best.


We provide an educational environment where every member of staff strives to offer all children the chance to obtain the best academic results, whilst giving them the confidence to grow and develop as an individual.


The School offers a stretching, challenging approach to learning following a Montessori ethos which is embedded in the early years and emphasizes achievement and builds confidence.


We aim to lay the foundations for a future of opportunity, enterprise and responsibility. 

When the children reach the age of 4 1/2 they attend full time. During the child's time at the school a great deal of emphasis is placed on laying down a firm foundation in the basic skills of Language, Reading and Writing, Mathematics and Science.


Teaching is carefully differentiated to ensure that a high level of fluency in reading and competency in numeracy is achieved. Small classes ensure that the children have almost one to one teaching.


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