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School Fees
Terms and Conditions 

School fees are now inclusive of our extra curricular activites such as French, Drama and PE


There is an initial registration fee of £50 (non- refundable) There is also deposit of £700 payable on acceptance of a place. Schools fees are payable at the beginning of each term. School fees are to be paid either by bank transfer and/or childcare vouchers. Failure to pay fees on time will result in the loss of your child’s place and loss of all fees paid.

Fees received later than the first day of term will result in a charge of £25.

Dishonoured cheque's will incur a charge of £15.


Starting Mid Term 

If you start mid term you will be charged the daily rate of £67 per day until the start of the new term.


Late Fees

Parents who arrive later than the agreed departure of their children will be charged a late fee of £10 for every ten minutes that they are late. You should arrive to school on time to avoid disturbing classes. 


School Year

The school is open for 49 weeks of the year closing for three weeks over Christmas and all bank holidays.


Notice of leaving

A notice period of one school term notice is required in writing. Parents that do not give one school terms notice will be charged the full terms fee for the following term minus the deposit. If you break this contract you will be liable for all outstanding fees. Failing to to pay will may affect your credit rating.



A deposit of £700 is required. The deposit will be refunded when the required notice of leaving is given. After paying a deposit if you decided you no longer wish to join us then the deposit is not refundable



Children’s designated sessions cannot be changed until a place becomes available in the required session. Requests for change of sessions must be put in writing. A terms notice is required for change of sessions.



All messages should be put in writing and handed to staff, parents are also able to message the school moble phones.

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