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Five Methods of Learning

Cultural Learning

Our classrooms encompass various subjects that include art, botany, French, geography, music, science, Spanish and zoology. These subjects provide children with an opportunity to explore using their curiosity of concepts and ideas. 

For example, our approach with the study of science is that of a hands on approach, which is utilizing experiments that will help with cultivating a lifelong interest in nature and the world around them. ​


At school we encourage the development of language skills teaching children through phonetic sounds, helping them to blend the sounds together to make words.

We have circle time every morning, where children are encouraged to share their news supporting children to extend their vocabulary. We focus on different story books where children can predict how thw story may end.

We provide children with a range of activities, we present them to the children in pre writing using the sandpaper letters and movable alphabet.


We support children to develop their fine motor skills with metal inset and when children are ready we teach them the correct formation of letters, how to hold a pencil correctly, sentence structure and composition.

We believe that language is built upon singing and songs.


We also incorporate have a special drama class, where we encourage children to participate in our plays.


In maths we use a range of materials to help children develop an understanding of mathematic concepts such as shapes, lengths etc, represented in physical forms. Moving on to written numbers and arithmetical operations focusing on the fundamental skills needed to help with calculation.

 Our math classes are divided into six categories:


3D Shapes


Counting *using quantities and symbols*


Using golden beans to add and subtract


Memory work


Number rods


Sandpaper numbers and spindle boxes


Practical Life

At school we prepare the child indirectly to all other areas of learning with activities that are helpful to a child’s understanding of life’s practicalities such as:






These are introduced through activities such as:

Care of self (dressing, sorting, washing hands, blowing nose etc)

These exercises are the building blocks for a child taking the first steps towards independence.

Sensorial Awareness

We parallel our sensorial awareness with  music, the child will engage in various materials we provide consisting of different colors shapes and textures helping each individual child’s perception of their environment. Our activities include, taste jars, sound bells, scented bottles and much more. 

For a more in depth guide to our ciriculum please click here.

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