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Established in 2009, initially opening as a Montessori Pre School we then registered to provide primary education in 2010 with our first primary admissions in September 2011. Following the five areas of learning in Montessori as well as the seven areas of learning in EYFS.


We use the Montessori Method of Horizontal Teaching grouping the children into three classes:


  • Pre-School 1-5yrs


With each class following their own timetable, days are structured by staff to allow free choices of activities whilst also taking into account individual needs and abilities.


We have found that with our qualified staff, knowing both curriculums, that it is possible to help your child achieve goals within each area of learning.


Our aim is to provide a happy, caring and secure environment for children aged 1-5, recognizing that your child’s needs and safety are paramount, we are committed to providing the highest standard of childcare and education.


Our Aims


Our principal aim is to provide a happy, caring and secure environment for your child from 2 to 4.5 years (we offer a primary education please see website).


Our structured Pre-school program is designed to stimulate and enhance your child’s educational and social development providing an excellent foundation for school and later life.  

We are committed to providing the highest standard of childcare/education possible.

To actively promote the development of a positive self-image within the children.

To have ongoing involvement with the local community.

To create a non-sexist atmosphere by introducing appropriate toys, books and games to encourage equal development of both sexes.

To eliminate racism throughout the whole structure by welcoming ethnic minority contributions to the policies practiced by the School, thus providing positive images of different ethnic minorities and cultures.

To encourage participation of parents/carers within school life.  

To recognise that the child’s needs and safety are paramount and must override all other considerations.

Dr.Maria Montessori’s aim was to help children achieve their maximum learning potential, while becoming well balanced individuals, able to cope with the emotional social and practical pressures of modern day living.


Term Dates

Term 1
Tuesday 6th September - 24th October 22
Half term
24th -28th October 22
Term 2
31st October-14th December 22

Spring term 2023
Term 3 
January 4th Inset day
5th January - 13th February 2023
Half term 
13th February-17th February 
Term 4 
17th feb -3rd April 2023

Easter holidays 
3rd April -24th April 2023